Money Machine

2017 is lining up to be a tough year for our dealership partners.

New vehicle sales have declined, competition is higher than ever and as a result, the pressure to maintain profitability is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is where your Pinnacle database can really come into its own. From the initial implementation to this moment in time, you have been building and adding to a commodity; your customer database. Within Pinnacle you can capitalise on this asset and use it to generate some extra revenue. Meet the Money Machine.

The Money Machine is the first place to visit when you want add to the bottom line of your dealership. This tool will mine your ever-growing database for opportunities to be in contact with your customers and generate work from your existing customer base. This includes but isn’t limited to service reminders, warranty expiry or deferred work generated from the Pinnacle VHC platform.

The Money Machine provides dealers with an outbound and proactive tool to secure revenue and build customers for life. Touching base with your customers will help improve retention and brand loyalty, working to secure that future sale whilst maintaining a presence with the customer.
Automated SMS and email can  send off to your customers to inform them of the up and coming reminder. The Money Machine will work for you, in your favour and to your benefit.

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