Accounts Management Toolkit

Course Title: Accounts Management Toolkit
Module: Accounts

This course focuses on the areas of the Pinnacle Accounts processes that are most frequently utilised by the senior Accounts team members within a dealership. The course will cover (at a high level) the more in-depth areas within a dealership.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:
1. System Imports – understanding the various imports available in Pinnacle and how to use them, these are the following Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Journals, Fixed Assets, Budgets.
2. Scenario analysis for Journals – understanding when to use certain journals in various Pinnacle processes.
3. Nominal Ledger review – understanding how to load new codes and Categories, allocating/ de-allocating accounts, setting default Codes for purchase ledger accounts and how to process internal charges.
4. VAT Analysis – understanding where items post on the report and how to reconcile back to applicable nominal accounts.
5. Open Item Accounts – review of open item accounts and situations in which they are applicable (report vs NL postings).
6. System Admin – Understanding the administrator process of adding users and maintaining access levels P&L Permissions
7. Understanding the balance sheet reconciliation process in particular how to reconcile the following:
– Sales/ purchase Ledger
– Parts valuation
– Sublet valuation
– Vehicle stock
8. Data Point – review and understanding of the available reports.
9. Management Reports – understanding the management reporting process, using the trial balance and DataPoint data – we will compile a simple Parts general Management report.
10. Parameter Review – Review all the parameters that sit outside of the administration module and their applicability.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
1. Understand accounting processes more thoroughly.
2. Use different/ quicker processes to do the certain processes, i.e. importing.
3. Understand which journal to do in which scenarios.
4. Understand how to make changes to various set-ups, if needed.
5. Have a thorough understanding of what is required to be done when completing month end balance sheet reconciliations, and how to investigate differences.
6. Know how to compile management reports for departments should there be a need.

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