Are you retaining your VHC deferred work and are you further converting it into revenue successfully?

Did you know, upon deferring work in the VHC process and selecting the work requirement type to be either ‘Urgent’ or ‘Recommended’, Pinnacle automatically defaults the work required to a future follow up date based on the lead times set-up in your CRM Parameters.

This parameter is found by following CRM > Parameters > Dealer Parameters  – Enterprise – Parameter Type = Work Requirement Types.

Are you checking your work required on the ‘Aftersales Diary’ daily? Are you using the health check reporting within Workshop > Reporting > Health Check to review all deferred work and view your available revenue in total for a selected period of time?

Can you confidently say you are using the VHC reporting functionality effectively to go the extra mile with your customers, ensuring that they are retained and as much deferred work as possible is being converted into revenue?

Read more here on the Vehicle Health Check features available in Pinnacle.

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