CRM Marketing

Course Title: CRM Marketing
Module: CRM

This course focuses specifically on the areas of Pinnacle that are most frequently utilized by CRM Managers/DP’s within a dealership. This course will cover various internal and external marketing routines and associated reporting within the CRM Marketing Module.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:
1. Customer Journey – A full overview of how the customer can be managed through the Pinnacle system.
2. Sales Opportunities/Lost Sales – Overview of the process and importance of capturing sales data.
3. -Aftersales Diary (ASD) – Explanation of what drives this, the process and the ASD contact plans.
4. SMS Usage – Understanding the various ways in which Pinnacle handles SMS’s. How to assess and report on SMS quantity and content.
5. SMS Responses – Explanation of where and how responses are captured and processed.
6. Selections – ‘Creating ad-hoc reports and step one to creating a “Mail Merge” and “SMS Mailshot”
7. Mail Merge/SMS Mailshot – Sending either an SMS or email to multiple selected customers.
8. Customer Concern Incident (CCI) – How to utilize, manage and centralize customer complaint processing, and report on this process.
9. Customer Creations and CRM Data Point – Explanation on how to pro-actively ensure that entry’s into the database are of high quality, and understanding the size and quality of key fields in one’s database.
10. Introduction Sources – How to effectively report on the success of any external or internal marketing campaigns.
11. De-Duplication Process – Understanding the de-duplication process. What drives a duplicate record and the Parameters concerned.
12. Associations (Associated Customers) Spend Analysis, and Spend Mapping – Understanding what these three areas mean to the dealership.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
1. Understand the full CRM functionality required to effectively manage the CRM Data base.
2. Pro-actively and professionally communicate to one’s customers around key information.
3. Produce selection reports and process SMS Mailshots and Mail Merge functionality.
4. Manage the CRM database to ensure quality of every record.
5. Manage customers concerns within Pinnacle.
6. Reach the desired group of customers for all campaigns.

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