Important Accounts Update In Pinnacle Release 17.05

Nominal Ledger – VAT analysis Export at Month End

A new feature has been added to automatically receive a copy of the VAT Analysis export via email when the nominal ledger month end is completed.
To this functionality, users will need to navigate to Accounts > Nominal Ledger > Ledger Parameters.
A new option has been added within Ledger Parameters called Month End Parameters.
Upon clicking on month end parameters, user will see the report they wish to export such as the VAT analysis report, when clicking in the particular report, user will be able to insert an email address and tick the active box to select whether this report is active or not.
The email address field does support multiple emails; if users wish to email this report to more than one person, then email addresses entered into the field can be separated by a semi-colon or a comma.
Upon running month end, an export will auto-generate for the period that user is closing and will be sent to the email addresses that have been added within the month end email parameter.
Receiving the Vat Analysis Report via email is beneficial for the user as it is quicker and more efficient than printing it manually.
The VAT Analysis Export Format has been simplified and updated to take advantage of the .XLSX file format.
A few VAT related columns have been rearranged – This will only be noticed if users are currently using the VAT Reporting by Tax Type Parameter. The exported report has been set-up to freeze the top row that displays the column headers for easy viewing.

Purchase ledger – Match invoice to GRNI Receipts and Returns

Users now have the ability to post a single invoice matched against both GRNI Receipt and Return Entries.
Accounts > Purchase Ledger > Processing > Post Invoice
Previously, the matching of returns was only possible against Credit Notes or via the Delete Matching functionality. This change now allows users to post an invoice where both a receipt and return have taken place, allowing you to select both receipt and returns.

Short Code Location Restrictions

A short code location restriction has been put in place to prevent users from posting to the incorrect locations. This restricts the user’s ability to post to certain locations.
In order to use this new feature, the Short Code Reporting parameter will need to be enabled within the Company Structure Tab of the Nominal Ledger Parameters.
Accounts > Nominal Ledger > Ledger Parameters
Within the accounts table you will notice a new item called Short Code Permissions.
This area allows location posting restrictions to be set for users:

  • Raising a Purchase Order
  • Posting an invoice
  • Posting a journal

This does not override the parameters that are currently set up for an individual user. If a user is pointed into a particular branch, then they are only able to do postings to that branch. The nominal code range set up against the user will also not be over-written with this change.
The export and import buttons are currently not in use but have been added to expand in this area in within future releases to come.

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