Important Parts Update In Pinnacle Release 17.05

Consolidated Invoice Routine Amendments

The consolidated invoicing routine has been removed from the end of day process, and placed into the consolidation side menu, within distribution. This adds the ability to consolidate single accounts, order number capturing, and history search facilities.
Consolidation takes place within the Parts > Distribution > Consolidation > Invoicing option. When consolidating an account previously was part of end of day/week/month. On the summary tab, users can see the account information on this screen, captured order number information, the type of account, the accounts preference whether it is email print or both, how many open invoices are attached the account, any items that are open that the user can consolidate.
The user has the ability to capture the order number here by selecting the account and clicking the order number button.
The report can also be filtered to show daily, weekly or monthly accounts or if the user wants to consolidate a single account number, the user can select “all” by period and select the account. This can be done individually or the user can “select all”. The system will now consolidate the invoices automatically and send the invoices via email or print or both, based on account preference.
On the history tab, users can filter by daily, weekly and monthly accounts, an account and a date range. The user can double click into an invoice, if on the invoice there is no order number entered it will show consolidation, as it did previously. For any documents, generated prior to release, not printed, the user can still double click onto the document from the history tab and print the invoice.

The benefits are that this process provides more flexibility for customers to do consolidated invoicing and makes it easier to manage.

Consolidated Invoice Grouping Display

A new grouping display by registration number is now available within Parts Consolidated Invoicing.
When an account number is marked to show additional details, the consolidated invoice will be ordered by registration number so all delivery notes generated for the same vehicle are grouped together. Any delivery notes not attached to a vehicle will appear at the bottom of the window. If more than one delivery note is generated for the same vehicle, this is then ordered by delivery note number.

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