Important Vehicles Update In Pinnacle Release 17.05

Bulk Used Supplier Orders

Users will now have the ability to perform a bulk import of used car supplier orders via a csv file using the specified format.
When using this functionality, users will be required to compile their used vehicle supplier’s orders into a CSV file and import the data into pinnacle.
Used car supplier orders can be imported within Vehicles > Supplier Orders > Import Used.
Users are able to click on the sample file button to generate a file with the correct format to import.
It is very important to take note of the mandatory fields such as Registration Number, Qualifying Status, Make, Model, Specification and Estimated delivery date.
If the Qualifying status has been set to yes, the Tax value at the bottom of the file will become mandatory.
After the file has been created, the user can then import the file by selecting the supplier, clicking browse to select the CSV file and finally, clicking the import button.
Any errors within the CSV file will be displayed in a popup and the user will need to correct the file as per the errors noted, followed by reimporting the file.
All the orders will go to a single supplier if you have selected a specific supplier from the drop down menu within the import screen.

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