Important Workshop Update in Pinnacle Release 17.02

VHC Awaiting Estimate – Send to Approval button added

Within Workshop > Jobs > Additional Work > Awaiting Estimate tab > Estimate Details screen
Previously, within the Awaiting Estimate tab during the Health Check process users are required to complete each line separately before the job moves from ‘Awaiting Estimate’ to ‘Awaiting Approval’. A new button called ‘Send to Approval’ has been added to speed up the process.

If multiple lines of work are identified on a vehicle health check that is being carried out, users can now use the ‘Send to Approval’ button, which will move all incomplete health check lines from ‘Awaiting Estimate’ to ‘Awaiting Approval’. This eliminates the process of having to complete recommended work individually.

Job Progress Status Amendment

Within Workshop > Job Progress.
Previously, when users viewed and changed the job status on a Job progress report on job level, the system would prompt the user whether they would like to update all operations in the category to the selected status. If users selected ‘Yes’, Pinnacle would only update all operations within the same category. This new change updates all operations lines to the chosen status, irrespective of which category they are held in, if selected.

This change allows the workshop controller/manager to mark the job as ready for invoicing in a much quicker and more efficient way.

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