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Walk Toward the Pressure and Detect Opportunity

Whilst we are all feeling the pinch of the constant rise in living costs and await a turn in our economy, we at Pinewood chose to walk toward the pressure and try detect gaps of opportunity, and as an auto dealership you can too. Here are some fairly straightforward ideas – 1. Customer service is […]

SMS Responses Reg

SMS Marketing Tips – Bring Revenue to your Doorstep

Let’s face it, there aren’t many people without mobile phones, and that number can be drastically reduced when looking at your target market. The great thing about SMS Marketing is that half the job is already done for you. With 97% of SMS’s being read within 15 minutes of receipt, the only thing left for […]

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The Consumer-Driven Market

Technology, particularly social media, has revolutionised the face of the automotive industry, creating a more informed and discerning consumer than ever before. To remain viable in this volatile marketplace requires innovative means for dealers to better identify with their consumers. Automobile businesses need to keep abreast with changing buying behaviours, opportunities and threats to prevent […]

The Future of Auto Dealerships

The retail automotive space is currently amid a rapid transition caused by several factors, namely: Multiple sources of affordable capital Abundant inventories of available new and pre-owned vehicles Generational buying power has shifted to younger consumers with drastically different buying behaviours Rapid innovation in consumer technology The emergence of the Internet of things The question […]

Mobile devices for your dealership

What to look for when choosing mobile devices for your dealership

With the automotive landscape changing and smartphones and tablets becoming commonplace in dealerships, a new challenge emerges in trying to futureproof your business. It can be difficult to choose between the number of devices and operating systems on the market. Retailers who invest in the latest devices and embrace new apps will gain a competitive […]

The Pinnacle Aftersales Diary

With our motor environment changing at an alarming pace with regards to new technologies, increased competition, and changing customer expectations, it is time for dealerships to place far more focus on customer retention strategies with the need to become more intuitive to their customer’s needs. This is where your Pinnacle database can really start to […]

Revolutionise your Dealership by Embracing Diversity and Innovation

Embracing diversity and innovation (D&I) in the automotive industry is not only morally ethical, but it’s a core driver of innovation, attracting and retaining top talent, increased productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. Successful implementation of D&I requires cross-functional collaboration within a business as well as with other dealer groups and suppliers. Benefits: Diversity brings together […]

Pinnacle Online Support Chat

As of October 2018, Pinewood SA has officially launched an Online Chat feature within the Support Portal of Pinnacle. This feature has been launched with two primary objectives in mind; to improve your support experience, and to complement and assist in driving the online self-help functionality currently offered in our Support Portal. It is important […]

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