PC & Internet Explorer Setup for Pinnacle

Recommended Hardware & Software for Pinnacle

Software Specifications
The items detailed below are what we recommend to achieve a good level of PC performance when running Pinnacle. This takes into account the inevitable eventuality that one or two other applications will also be used alongside Pinnacle. However, we advise that you consult any documentation or support for your systems and software, to ensure that your computers can achieve a good level of performance, when running other software alongside Pinnacle.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


Latest Service Pack/ updates must be applied. Please ensure that Internet Explorer version is compatible with manufacturer systems or software.

Web Browser

Internet Explorer version 11

Software Specifications

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 extended or higher


Minimum Hardware Specifications




2.7 GHz Dual Core

Determine which Internet Explorer is Installed

To find which version of Internet Explorer you are running open up Internet Explorer select ‘Help’ and then ‘About Internet Explorer’.

You will then receive a pop-up that displays your current Internet Explorer information and version as shown below:

Internet Explorer 11 Settings

The following settings are recommended with Internet Explorer 11.0 for the purposes of running the Pinnacle application. It cannot be guaranteed that these settings are appropriate for other applications running on the machine via Internet Explorer.


Launch Internet Explorer. Within Internet Explorer select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’.
The following screen will be displayed.
Within the Browsing history section, select the ‘Settings’ option

The ‘Temporary Internet Files and History Settings’ will then be displayed as shown below:

Within this screen ensure ‘Check for newer version of stored pages’ is set to ‘Automatically’ and disk space to use is set to ‘250’. Select ‘OK’ to apply the settings.

Now select the ‘Security’ TAB. Select ‘Trusted Sites’ from the zone box, and then click the ‘Sites’ button as shown below:

The screen below will then be displayed:

Within this screen, un-tick ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.’ Then insert in the textbox underneath ‘Add the website to the zone’:
Then click ‘Add’
Then repeat and add:

  • *.pinnacledms.net,
  • *.pinnacldms.com,
  • *.pinewoodsa.co.za
  • http://yourdealername.pinnacledms.co.za

Click ‘Close’. You should have now returned back to the ‘Internet Properties’ window.

Now select ‘Custom Level’

In the ‘Security Settings’ window, set the security level to ‘Medium’ and click ‘Reset’.

Once this is done a pop-up will appear, click ‘Yes’

Now scroll down to the Downloads section and set ‘Automatic prompting for file downloads’ to Enable.

Click ‘OK’ to apply the settings.

Select the ‘Privacy’ TAB and un-tick the pop-up blocker or add an exception as shown below:

To add an exception tick the ‘Turn on Pop-up Blocker’ – Then select ‘Settings’

Now type *.pinnacledms.co.za, *.pinnacledms.com, *.pinnacledms.net under the ‘Address of website to allow’ text box and click Add. Your screen should display as follows:

Select ‘Close’ to return to the ‘Privacy’ screen.

No other pop-up blockers are supported and it is recommended they be uninstalled, such as the Yahoo toolbar and Google toolbar, as they will prevent Pinnacle from functioning correctly.

Now select the ‘Advanced’ TAB.

You will now need to adjust the following settings:
Under Browsing, un-tick ‘Reuse windows for launching shortcuts’ and ‘Show friendly HTTP error messages’

Refer the ‘Security’ section, un-tick ‘Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed’.

Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes made to Internet Explorer.

Add a Static Route for Pinnacle

Add a static route for pinnacle with the following command in command prompt:
Route add mask local pinnacle router IP address –p

Shortcut to Pinnacle from Users Desktop

On the users’ desktop, right click and select the option for new shortcut.
Add in the dealers URL which can be obtained by calling the Helpdesk on 021 468 5902 and selecting the Technical option.

Add Pinnacle Icon

  1. 1. Right click on the Pinnacle shortcut and click on properties
  2. 2. Click on web document and click on the change icon button
  3. 3. Click on browse and browse to c:\Pinnacle_Setup and select the Pinnacle icon file
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