CSI & Contact Plans


Customer Satisfaction Surveys and After Sales Contact Plans… all automated.

Automated and regular contact-plan based communications allow dealerships to set high performing digital conversation routines to increase workshop return rates, close showroom sales, and feedback important satisfaction indicators to help improve the business over time. Integrated email tools, supported through a vast range of reporting tools, allow Pinnacle users to stay ahead of their competition and improve customer retention.

Keep in regular touch with new and existing customers through a series of email communications. Follow-up on a new vehicle purchase or remind them of an after-sales tasks required on their vehicle.

Fully branded CSI emails

Trigger automated customer surveys after a new vehicle purchase or recent workshop visit. The email contains your first question with an associated star rating.

By selecting their associated rating the customer is taken to an online survey. If incomplete, Pinnacle still records the first selection and any subsequent answers.

The customer’s historic CSI results are held against their record and can be accessed at any time.

Full Reporting Suite

Trend Reports allow you to monitor your performance over a period of time, allowing you to assess whether your dealership is truely overcoming any possible issues, and ultimately refine your customer offering.

Drill down throughout the report to see individual CSI results.

After Sales Diary Contact Plan

How often do you want to automatically contact your customers? What do you want to contact them about?

Contact Plans can be designed to generate contacts throughout the vehicle ownership to re-capture the future re-sale.

After Sales Diary

A reduced diary is always a sign of your Contact Plan schedule working well. By targeting customers who fall into Servicing, for example, you will find an increase in customer autonomy in looking after their vehicle and less prospecting calls from your Aftersales team.

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