Outlook Integration

outlook-heroBi-directional calendar sync so that customer follow up appointments can be seen in the Outlook calendar and Outlook appointments can be viewed in the Salespersons CRM diary, both Inbound & Outbound email is connected to CRM customer records, CRM records are updated with Outlook Contact changes and Email lead processor will convert incoming email enquiries into sales and service leads within the CRM so that they can be managed in the same way as other integrated leads.

Link Outlook to Pinnacle CRM Records

We all work with multiple devices and applications – DMS throughout the day, Outlook on your laptop, and your smartphone. You need information across each device, without duplication. Our solution allows you to have all CRM information across all devices, and intuitively exchanges information to and from Pinnacle.


Outlook Contact

A standard Outlook view – contact information, such as name, email, postal address, and your customers LinkedIn profile image. All information passed from Pinnacle to Outlook.


Customer Contact History

Email from Outlook, and automatically add to that customer’s record as a Contact History entry – full details of the email, with attachments, for you and your colleagues to review.

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