Pinnacle Video


Our integrated video suite allows Pinnacle users to easily create a range of customer experience enhancing videos without process interruption. Film high quality 360 degree tours of used vehicle stock and upload quickly to your website. Respond to inbound customer questions with a personalised one-on-one video, emailed directly at a click of a button. Visualise work required on a Vehicle Health Check for a customer to authorise online.

Visualise your vehicles and VHC work required

According to Google, 75% of buyers will use online video to help them choose their next car. Additionally, many of these are trying to interact with a dealership out of hours – an online enquiry, a Facebook message, a Tweet, or an email, for example.

Integrated video processes in Pinnacle allow our users to continue to utilise new methods to provide a high quality experience to their customers – be it a 360 degree tour of a used vehicle they have in stock, visually identifying work required following a routine VHC check, or responding to an enquiry with a personalised video.

We are happy to be able to provide this functionality, to our customers, free-of-charge – available to every user of our DMS.

Visual tour of a vehicle

A quick one-minute video tour of a vehicle gives you the opportunity to provide an animated visual impression. The video is uploaded through Pinnacle, in full HD, stored securely and quickly accessible. Select which still images you want to take from the video to upload against the stock card, and you’ve now provided photos and video automatically to your website through our XML feed.

Visually identify work required

Pinnacle video gives you the opportunity to upload video evidence of work required. Delivered as if you are showing the customer in person, an email can be automatically sent with a link to your VHC findings for the customer to approve.

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