Spend Mapping

spendmap-heroEnhance your targeted marketing by analysing opportunities by location

Display a range of spend maps visually on an interactive Bing map. Vehicle Sales (also displaying retained customers), Parts Sales and Workshop Spend Maps give your dealership data rich reporting.

Quickly display the catchment of your customers on a fully interactive Bing map.


Parts, Workshop and Vehicle Customers

The dealership location is highlighted in the centre of the map. A quick glance will show you how far people travel to your dealership for a Workshop visit, for example.

Pinpoint a range of customers on the map by customer type and click through to view their customer spend.


Start Analysing

The report is fully interactive, displaying geographical hot-spots relative to your site, and allows you to analyse patterns of retails, trade, internal or trade service activity by Month and Year.

You will be able to quickly identify geographical areas that might require further targeted marketing. Perhaps an SMS campaign to your local Workshop customers could be scheduled this weekend? Is advertising in the local paper for new Vehicles justified in your report?

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