Technical Quick Reference Guide

Clearing of Cookies

From within the internet browser page click on the Tools option and select Internet options.

Ensure that the items are ticked and un-ticked as follows:

Select the Delete button.

Default Browser

From the Internet Options box (described in the clearing cookies step), go to the Programs Tab.

Ensure that Internet Explorer is the default browser.

Screen Display

If the writing inside of the Pinnacle box is too large or too small you can adjust the text size by holding in Ctrl on your keyboard and scrolling in or out with the scroll on your mouse.
If the Pinnacle box is too large or too small you can amend this by logging out of Pinnacle and opening and Internet Explorer Page. The zoom size can be adjusted and logging back into Pinnacle will display the updated box size. The recommended zoom is between 90% and 120%.
The shortcut for maximising the Pinnacle screen to display as full screen is Alt and Enter.

Script Errors

  • Delete your cookies
  • Check that Pinnacle is added to the trusted sites in the Internet Explorer Settings.
  • Reinstall the MSXML parser and .Net Framework 4
  • Reset the internet browser if the above does not fix it

MSXML Parser Failure Errors

  • Check that Internet Explorer is your default browser
  • Check that the MSXML parser is installed (installation file can be downloaded from the Support Portal)
  • Reset the internet explorer browser if the above doesn’t fix the issue

Compatibility Settings

  • Disabling Compatibility View
    Open Internet Explorer and activate the menu bar by hitting the Alt key. Select the Tools menu and click Compatibility View settings.

    Select Compatibility View settings from the Tools menu.

  • Uncheck Compatibility View checkbox
    If available, ensure that the option Display all websites in Compatibility View is not checked.
  • Remove Pinnacle URLs from Compatibility View
    Take a look at the Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View list and remove any of the following URLs that are on the list:
    • http://*.pinewood.co.uk
    • http://*.pinnacledms.net
    • http://*.pinnacledms.com
    • http://*.pinewoodsa.co.za
    • http://*.pinnacledms.co.za

    If there are any additional Pinnacle or Pinewood URLs on the list, remove these too.

  • Compatibility View has been disabled
    Next time you refresh or visit a page, Compatibility View will be disabled.

Company Tree Errors

  • Clear your temporary internet files and cookies.
  • Set the trusted sites security bar to low and log onto Pinnacle and load the company tree. Then log off of Pinnacle again and set the security bar back to medium.
  • Clear the smart client by running the “Smart Client Fix” from the Downloads page on the Pinnacle Support Portal.
  • Run the company structure fix from “Problems With The Company Structure” on the Downloads page on the Pinnacle Support Portal. Right click on the “Run Me Fix” and select “Run as Administrator”. Restart the PC after attempting this fix.

Smart Client Errors

  • Ensure that the following sites are set as trusted sites: *.pinnacledms.co.za, *.pinnacledms.com, *pinnacledms.net, *.pinewoodsa.co.za
  • Check that the Pinnacle trusted site is also not included in the Local Intranet or Restricted Sites.
  • Delete Temporary Files and Cookies in Internet Explorer.
  • Check all recommended Internet Settings as per the PC Setup Document.
  • Repair .NET Framework 4.0 and restart the computer.
  • If the smart client has been installed on the computer previously, do a system restore to its last working date.
  • Reset Internet Explorer
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