Workshop Planner

The Workshop Planner has recently gone through a selective pilot process and is now readily available for your Workshop.

Start planning your Workshop effectively and become more efficient using this powerful new Pinnacle functionality.

Contact our Business Development Team to have this exciting new feature enabled.

“The Workshop Planner allows you to organise your daily operations to technicians on a 1 day, 2 day or 3-day planner. The planner can be amended throughout the day to improve your Workshop efficiency. Jobs can be viewed at operation level, improving visibility to redistribute operations. This will ensure job completion times are kept on target. In addition, this enables you to adjust your plans to changing requirements, allowing you to manage potential customer problems sooner and complete jobs quicker. Furthermore, this will ensure that skilled technicians are never overbooked or miss-allocated to generalist jobs, thus improving your ability to complete specialist jobs. “

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