Month: July 2016 | Pinewood DMS

Month: July 2016

New Position: Business Development Sales Executive

Job Title:
Business Development Sales Executive

Department: Business Development

Location: Pinewood SA Johannesburg Office

Reporting to: Business Development Manager


This position is pivotal in driving new business to meet the Company’s budgeted objectives.

Job Role:

The duties/tasks of the Business Development Executive (Customer Management) function includes but is not be limited to:

  • Driving new business for the Company in order to achieve its budgeted objectives through active prospecting activities, fact finds, introductory presentations, Pinnacle demonstrations, Proposals and ultimately the signing of Customer Contracts.
  • Preparation of Customer Proposals, Quotations, Presentations, and Contracts.
  • Developing and maintaining a strong understanding OEM integration.
  • Assistance with the development of Business Development policies and procedures.
  • Communicating and driving system features to the allocated customer base (in conjunction with the Marketing Co-ordinator);5. Maintaining & Filing of all Business Development documentation (electronic and hard copies) relevant to the position.
  • Updating and Maintaining the Prospective Customer Database.
  • Participating in weekly Business Development and Marketing Meetings.
  • Assistance with new business marketing campaigns (in conjunction with the Business’s Marketing Co-ordinator).
  • Ensuring a satisfactory level of understanding and knowledge of the Company’s Dealer Management System is achieved and maintained.
  • Ensuring knowledge of the Business’s internal operating system is at a sufficient level to carry out the duties required.
  • Travelling within South Africa and any other African Country where a prospective customer may be situated.
Inherent Requirements of the Job:

  • Minimum of 2 Years Motor Sales Experience
  • Relevant tertiary education (i.e. in the fields of Business Development, Sales & Marketing)
  • High proficiency level in MS Office – with advanced skills in MS Excel, Word and Powerpoint
  • Strong sales, relationship management, administration and organisational skills, with the ability and drive to cold canvas
  • Ability to multi-task and work within tight deadlines
  • Ability to proactively pre-empt customer requirements
  • Highly professional communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Ability to innovate
  • Desire to continuously improve the team, oneself, and the position
Applications must be by way of Curriculum Vitae, which must not be longer than 3 pages, with a brief cover letter.
Please Click Here to apply.

Sandwich Drive in Commemoration of Mandela Day


The team at Pinewood SA wanted to give back to the community in commemoration of Mandela day.

We got in touch with a  Non-Profit Organisation named “The Homestead Projects for Street Children”. They indicated a need for sandwiches as street children often go to sleep at night, not only without a roof over their heads, but also without food.

We spent some time last week, bringing together loaves of bread, jars of peanut butter, tasty jams, bottles of golden syrup and many other favourites loved by so many kids in South Africa.

This was done in an effort to make sandwiches for those street kids and provide them with the basic requirement of food, and to let them know that they haven’t been forgotten.

We managed to make over 250 sandwiches; although this will not feed every child living on the street, we believe it will make a difference to many of these kids,  even if it is just for a day.


We would like to ask that those reading this article reach out to “The Homestead Projects for Street Children” by contacting them on (021) 419 9763/4. Together, we can collectively make a big difference in the lives of these children, perhaps even for the foreseeable future.


Improve customer response times to videos by using two-way SMS


Sending a SMS to a customer may get more attention than an email. Pinnacle now allows Dealers to send VHC & Sales videos via SMS and email, speeding up responses to time-dependent tasks such as identified work approvals from Workshop VHCs.

Customers can respond by SMS or email and this is added to the customer record, the quicker the response from the customers the sooner the work can be carried out, optimising technician’s time and maximising workshop efficiency.

Customer records that hold both mobile and email details provide the option to send to either or both, increasing the chances of a quicker response. Both methods deliver the same user experience ensuring that all future customer feedback is not negatively dependent on the sending method.

This change, featured as part of the 9th free release update so far in 2016, is in line with Pinewood’s long term plan of providing users with as many avenues to increase dealer profitability potential, improved customer experiences and greater process efficiencies.

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