Month: December 2017 | Pinewood DMS

Month: December 2017

Pinewood Celebrates Pinewood: Year End Function

On Saturday, the 9th of December, the Pinewood SA team celebrated the year in style at Ricks Cafe American based in Cape Town.

The End of Year Function gave us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and highlight some of the exciting achievements, including a number of our staff members earning Pinnacle specialist and super-specialist titles with their elected Pinnacle modules.

We also took the opportunity to applaud the achievements of some of our staff members for outstanding acheivement, namely:

  • Geran Paul was awarded the Support Consultant Top Achiever of the year award.
  • Raees Rudolph was awarded the Training & Implementation Top Achiever of the year award.
  • Karla Fleischmann was awarded the Values Top Achiever of the year award.

As we continue finishing the year off with all hands on deck, we also prepare for an even better 2018!
Thank you to all of our Pinnacle partners for your support!

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