Month: November 2018 | Pinewood DMS

Month: November 2018

What to look for when choosing mobile devices for your dealership

With the automotive landscape changing and smartphones and tablets becoming commonplace in dealerships, a new challenge emerges in trying to futureproof your business. It can be difficult to choose between the number of devices and operating systems on the market.

Retailers who invest in the latest devices and embrace new apps will gain a competitive advantage, making device choice a more important factor, as technology becomes ever-more pervasive throughout the dealership.

An older generation device and operating system may be cheaper, but will limit app performance, proving slower, less reliable and – crucially – unable to support the latest updates. This means dealers will miss out on new features, which will limit the efficiency and customer service levels the business can offer.

DMS vendor, Pinewood Technologies, has developed a cutting-edge app suite, focused on streamlining processes, driving productivity and enhancing profit opportunities for dealers. So far, this includes apps for capturing personalised video, conducting integrated vehicle health checks, managing vehicle stock and issuing parts whilst employees are on-the-go.

Pinewood recently updated their technician app ‘Tech+’, bringing a new look-and-feel, the ability to add flexible checklists to work and improved menu pricing. Users with newer generation devices could immediately update their apps to benefit from the new features.

Microsoft’s discontinuation of mainstream support for Windows 8 devices, earlier this year, was a prime example. Any dealers still using Windows 8.1 will no longer benefit from improvements to apps or be able to access new features. Those who invested in newer generation devices with up-to-date operating systems will continue to run their business using the latest tools and features, arguably giving them a competitive edge.

Pinewood recommends:
• Apple iOS devices on iOS11 or above
• Windows devices on Windows 10 or above
• Android devices on at least Version 7 (Nougat)

Before choosing a device, the role of the user must also be given some thought. Technicians may require a smaller, easy-to-carry device with a light, or camera flash – facilitating clearer VHC video recording from beneath vehicles. For these users, Apple’s latest iPod Touch is a suitable option to consider, as an alternative to the more costly iPhone.

Users of reception-based, meet and greet apps, may prefer a larger screen to enhance the customer experience. Here, there is a range of tablet devices to consider, from the premium Microsoft Surface Pro to a variety of reasonably priced Android tablets.

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The Pinnacle Aftersales Diary

With our motor environment changing at an alarming pace with regards to new technologies, increased competition, and changing customer expectations, it is time for dealerships to place far more focus on customer retention strategies with the need to become more intuitive to their customer’s needs.

This is where your Pinnacle database can really start to make a difference.

From the initial implementation to this moment in time, you have been building and adding to a commodity; your customer database. Within Pinnacle you can pro-actively and intuitively engage with this asset through the Pinnacle Aftersales Diary. The Aftersales Diary is the first place to visit when you want to anticipate your customer’s vehicle needs and identify revenue opportunities – opportunities including but not limited to; service reminders, expiring maintenance plans/ service plans/ warranties/ finance contracts, tyre replacement, or deferred work generated from the Pinnacle VHC platform.

Proactively contacting your customers will help improve retention and brand loyalty, all whilst working to secure that future sale – building customers for life and constructing a firm foundation of future revenue. Automated SMS and email communication can also be sent off to your customers to inform them of these up and coming reminders.

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