Month: May 2020 | Pinewood DMS

Month: May 2020

Renault SA OEM Integration

We are delighted to inform our partners that we have developed a process with Renault SA to aid recall campaigns whereby a Recall Campaign file will be received from Renault SA and imported into Pinewood DMS on a monthly basis.

All vehicles with an outstanding Recall due will automatically be identified within our dealerships’ database which will hugely streamline the process of rectifying outstanding faults on those vehicles.

What are the benefits?

  • This is an automated process of identifying vehicles with part recalls.
  • Dealerships will now have the ability to proactively contact clients to bring their vehicles into the workshop to rectify faults.
  • This will assist dealerships in increasing their overall customer satisfaction.

Our Technician app – Tech+

Our Service/Reception app – Host+

Pinewood SA continues to deliver their remote DMS access

Pinewood SA continues to deliver their DMS to the homes of their users.

“As the Level 4 Lockdown Regulations begin to unlock dealerships ability to trade, we have had an overwhelming demand from users to be able to access Pinewood DMS remotely and with the phased and incremental return of staff to the dealership over the next month, it is important for us that our users are still able to carry out their job (albeit from home).” – Keith Magill (COO)

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