Month: June 2020 | Pinewood DMS

Month: June 2020

Unlocking Lockdown – Webinar Series

As June 2020 has seen the introduction of Lockdown Level 3 Regulations, we at Pinewood SA are back for another series of Webinars!

The upcoming Webinar series will take our partners through the Pinewood DMS Sales and Aftersales Journeys, with the focus of understanding what the system has to offer, as partners begin to operate in the new motor environment.

We have 4 exciting Webinars that are aimed at a specific group of people and designed to build on each other, these being:

  • 11th June – The SALES JOURNEY
  • 18th June – A deeper-dive into some critical SALES JOURNEY features
  • 25th June – The AFTERSALES JOURNEY
  • 2nd July – A deeper-dive into some critical AFTERSALES JOURNEY features

We look forward to unpacking this next series and assisting our partners in gaining valuable insight into relevant Pinewood DMS features.

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