4 Steps to Streamline Vehicle Sales


Follow the below steps to help improve your vehicle sales and streamline the vehicle sales process:

Step 1: Advertise your vehicles online

Make use of the Pinnacle Used Vehicle Stock Feed. It can be integrated directly to your website, showcasing real-time inventory and providing your customers with easy access to your showroom online.

Step 2: Offer the Right Trade-In Value

M&M functionality available in Pinnacle is an easy way to find out all of the information relating to a customer’s trade-in vehicle, ensuring optimal vehicle valuations.

Step 3: Manage your Finance & Insurance Effectively

With both Seriti and Signio functionality available in Pinnacle, you have the ability to import the details of a vehicle’s deal application for finance automatically into the F&I environment.

Step 4: Communicate Effectively with your Customers

Use the Pinnacle suite of Branded Mailers, a professional and effective method of communication. Visually appealing notifications and mails that let your customer know you care. Keep them coming back to your dealership with this personal touch!

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