Helping you get the most out of Pinewood DMS

Our Approach

Helping you get the most out of Pinewood DMS

We are structured around making sure that we are the strongest partner for your business – from implementing Pinewood DMS and training your staff in the early days, to the long-term product support and maximising your system use with our Customer Experience Agents.


Implementing a new system is an opportunity to review and improve operating practices. Successful implementations create a focus and momentum to help you achieve this.

Ensuring that this change is a positive experience from the outset, our Project Management team assists your business at each stage of the implementation process. Robust and carefully planned research and consultancy stages form the basis of our successful implementation, working closely with your team to understand your requirements fully, directing the implementation towards your expectations.

Our implementation process covers the following core stages:
  • Initial project meetings
  • Consultant assisted configuration
  • Pre-live checks
  • Live week support
  • Project completion
  • Handover to our Account Management Team

Our team is committed to offering you the same level of dedicated support post implementation, a quality that has seen the development of long term relationships. This longevity and unquestioned support is something we’re especially proud of, and aim to continue to implement in every single partnership.

Customer Experience

In addition to our Customer Support Team, our Customer Experience Team will support you on an ongoing basis to help with any change to your business requirements, as well as identifying best practice approaches to your processes.

Our team are specialists within the industry, with extensive knowledge on:

Vehicle Manufacturer Relationships

Our team keep abreast of manufacturer initiatives and have full awareness of the manufacturer integration required to streamline your day-to-day activities, understanding of the interaction with the manufacturer, and any limitations or constraints you may face. The team offer devoted and relevant assistance.

Individual Business Needs

Operating as if an extension of your business, our team applies themselves fully to your personal requirements; understanding what is important to your business. The closer the relationship, the more rewarding our support can be.

Software Features

Working closely with the development team, constant reviews of the future development of Pinewood DMS ensure that your experiences are fed back into the development team, to continue refining our system in the future.
We continue to prove our genuine applied support on a daily basis to our current customers, above and beyond commerciality – we simply want what’s best for you, so we can continue to support your business over a long and successful relationship.


Our training courses have been developed to reflect the simplicity and ease of use that is core to the design of our software. The greater the understanding of your new DMS, the greater the benefit and associated value generated for your organisation.

Delegates, either attending our Cape Town / Johannesburg training facilities or online seminars, receive tuition through a series of modular one-day courses specific to particular job roles as well as an overview of how all aspects of Pinewood DMS relate.

We understand that time spent training is often considered a disruption to the business, which is why we offer a choice of ways to build your teams’ knowledge of their DMS. Presenting these options for training offers participants accessible training on the system, providing a solid understanding mindful of not disrupting your day-to-day business.

Customer Support

Our support team is designed to assist and guide users to find resolutions for processing queries when using the Dealer Management System.

Training is provided to our support team which takes each of our support consultants through a structured learning programme. This includes dealership placements ensuring each consultant can familiarise themselves with day-to-day dealership life and to better “connect” with our customer’s needs.

Online Support Portal

We also provide online support ticketing via Pinewood DMS. This system allows Pinewood DMS users to log a support enquiry, chat online with a Support Consultant, and receive email updates on any outstanding requests.

Technical Queries

In the event that you encounter any technical or computer related problems, please use the following process, which will assist you in achieving a faster resolution to your problem.

  1. Delete cookies and temporary internet files.
  2. View our Technical Quick Reference Guide and our Internet Setup Guide to try and resolve the problem.
  3. Log issue with your technical team. They should have access to our technical guides.
  4. Ask your technical team to log a ticket with our technical team if all else fails.

Flow Chart

Development Queries

There may be queries raised that are bug related and require a fix in coding or script that only our development team can assist with. These queries are then logged with our developers to investigate, replicate, develop a fix, push the proposed fix through a series of testing and then upon successful results – the fix will be scheduled for deployment to live.

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