Prepare to be the Best!

Product knowledge is the forefront of any business, and with that comes the experience of understanding the customer journey and how to get them from the starting line, to the black and white checkered flag – the sale!

Sales includes products, services, and the working environment.
Whether you are selling parts, doing maintenance in the workshop, or answering the phone, you are a salesman. You are selling your product, your services, and your working environment to those that visit or call your dealership.

Whatever your role is, manner and etiquette are great, but they only impact the first lap of your customer’s journey. What customers enjoy and what makes them refer your business, is consistency and reliability.

Pinnacle knowledge is key here, and consistency and reliability can only be achieved through the product knowledge of a TEAM, who are equally responsible for taking the customer through their journey.

If you are working this festive season, perhaps even alone, then chances are that there won’t be many colleagues there to support you. Consider that a great opportunity to showcase your skills!

We do not have training over christmas, but our Term 1 Calendar will be available soon!

In the meantime, click on the ‘Support’ button on the Pinnacle Menu and feel free to review the Product Guides or view some of our training videos.

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