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Commercial dealers are embracing new digital tools

Pinewood DMS is supporting commercial vehicle and truck dealers with new tools, processes and OEM integrations across every area of the business. These have been designed to enhance the important fleet aftersales relationship, improve operational effectiveness and support manufacturer propositions in the LCV and HGV sector.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director at Pinewood UK explains: ‘Commercial dealers are now embracing digitalisation and using our new tools to drive their businesses. Pinewood is continuously investing and innovating to help support dealers and the range and breadth of tools available is something that commercial dealers are discovering as they explore different ways to do business.

For example, Pinewood now offers a tool to manage Technician shifts in commercial workshops. Shift patterns in 24-hour workshops can be arranged in combination with skillsets to accurately allocate work.

In addition, the recently-updated Technician Planner is a flexible drag-and-drop tool for allocating work to technicians based on teams or skills. Highlighting how each member of the team is utilised makes it clear when the workshop is (or isn’t) working to full capacity.

The new planner offers the benefit that technicians can automatically pick up their next task on their mobile device using the Tech+ app. From the app, technicians can prepare vehicle or customer-specific health checks, capture video, add work, issue lubricants, prepare menu priced quotes and even issue parts directly to the job with a simple barcode scan. Additionally, technicians can message the service and parts teams from the app.

Printed job cards and paperwork are no longer necessary as all information is available digitally, including e-signatures for approval.

Jobs can be monitored using a live traffic-light system to identify problems in advance. As part of the digital journey, an online Job Status Tracker provides a clear view for the fleet customer of the vehicle progress in the workshop and off-site with subcontractors.

As commercial vehicles need to be checked at fixed intervals, this is easily managed with contact schedules which can be shared with Fleet operators to help plan downtime, supported by a follow-up process designed to deal with multiple vehicles in a single conversation.

Routine vehicle inspections make use of specialised checklists for fleet customers and commercial vehicle types which can themselves contain sub-checklists for lighting or specialist fitted equipment.

As another example of the support for Commercial business, Service Contracts can be customised and created at sale allowing service invoices to charge into the plan, with the accounts postings all taken care of.

Finally, the sales team can save time and minimise the chance of mistakes by using a menu-priced template for pre-delivery work. This means each customer and vehicle type can have their own predefined requirements to simplify the preparation request.

As this is a wide menu of things to consider, Pinewood are engaging with commercial dealers every day to help identify the right tools for each business to use on the journey to be more successful.

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Pinewood wins DMS award at Car Dealer Power 2020

Pinewood DMS was announced as the overall winner for Dealer Management System of the year, at the virtual Car Dealer Power Awards 2020. Finalists were voted for by thousands of dealerships across the UK.

“Thanks so much to all of our Pinewood customers who voted for us. Our team are absolutely thrilled, it’s been a tough year for everyone and we’re glad that we’ve managed to support our customers through this time.” Says Neville Briggs, Managing Director for Pinewood UK.

Pinewood has improved on their zero-touch features over the past few months, with some great feedback from customers. For example; Online Service Booking, Remote document signing (Workshop Jobs & Vehicle Sales Orders), Online payments of Workshop Invoices, and Voice Controlled Technician app.

The team at Pinewood offer their congratulations to all finalists and winners.

Dealer of the Year: JB’s Nissan Malmesbury

We recently spoke to Daniel Prins, DP of JB’s Nissan Malmesbury who won the Dealer of the Year award within the Large Town category for a 2nd time running.

We asked Daniel how he and the team won this award and how they have adapted to the new COVID-19 world.

Pinewood DMS SA: What is the criteria that you need to fulfill to win this award?

Daniel: Each department is assessed individually on a quarterly basis, assessing the dealer’s standards (building, data capturing, etc), their targets, their progress to achieving those targets and their customer satisfaction. Department assessments are then measured together to stand a chance of winning the award.

Pinewood DMS SA: What have you done to ensure your winning streak?

Daniel: Structure is very important to the team at JB’s Nissan Malmesbury. The structure becomes routine. “At the end of the day, we are here to do the job for the business, our clients and to make sure that we serve the customers and that they are happy and experience a very nice family feeling”.

Pinewood DMS SA: Since you have joined the JB’s Nissan team, what values and processes have you implemented to maintain a high performing team?

Daniel: Customer focus and service is the key – ‘Selling happiness’. Believing in the product, the structure and the service and having loyal and experienced team members who know the brand, the customer and the business all assists in maintaining a high performing team. It is important that customers believe in us and we believe in ourselves.

Pinewood DMS SA: How critical are your people and how critical is technology in your dealership, and why?

Daniel: Our people are the most important part of the business. The team is just as good as the weakest link, so our staff are encouraged to believe in themselves and believe in the systems that are put in place and we achieve this by applying ‘Consistent, Gentle, Pressure’.

Customer integrity and going the extra mile for our customers is also very important to us and technology enables us to do this.

Pinewood DMS SA: What role has Pinewood DMS played in your dealership?

Daniel: Pinewood DMS has played a huge part in marketing our services to get the workshop back up and running after the lockdown. “It is just amazing what we can do with Pinewood DMS, just to connect with the customers, to make sure where we are, what’s happening and that everyone knows that we will be okay”.

Pinewood DMS SA: How has JB’s Nissan Malmesbury managed the recent COVID-19 lockdown (from being on full level 5 lockdown, through to level 2 and 1 regulations)?

Daniel: For JB’s Nissan Malmesbury, staying within the regulations from day one has been very important to us. It was important to make sure that we followed the right procedures and that our staff and customers were made to feel safe within a clean environment.

Optimizing our digital marketing also played a big role in managing the recent COVID-19 lockdown, to make sure that our customers were made aware that we were open, what we could do and how we could assist.

Pinewood DMS SA: What does JB’s Nissan Malmesbury do differently to keep their customers coming back?

Daniel: Customer integrity and customer service is the most important for us. Every transaction made needs to be a win-win for both customer and business. “You make life so much easier for us to stay connected with the customers and to make it personal”.

Supporting the community as much as possible is also very important to us as well as our staff. Maintaining quality and skilled staff is a priority.

Well done to Daniel and the team at JB’s Nissan Malmesbury. #PinewoodDMSFamily Lead API Integration

We are excited to inform our partners that we have just recently teamed up with which allows leads to be pushed back into Pinewood DMS allowing our partners to track the progress of the enquiry within the DMS as opposed to the lead being received via email.

What are the benefits of this Lead API?

  • Leads are sent directly from to Pinewood DMS.
  • The feed includes options such as customer info (name, surname, contact details, etc), desired vehicle (make, model, spec, adding a price range, etc), enquiry notes, and also allows you to set up a future contact date.
  • All leads can be found in either CRM or Showroom.

Pinewood SA moves training fully online with launch of eLearning

The increasing demand for self-paced learning calls for a different method to conventional classroom training. Pinewood Technologies have launched an online training platform, allowing users to learn at their own convenience – wherever they want, whenever they want.

Keith Magill, COO at Pinewood SA, explains how eLearning has transformed the way people learn:

“This year has highlighted the importance of pivoting one’s business and service offering to online delivery. This coupled with the importance of ensuring each and every Pinewood DMS user is effectively and efficiently utilising the system to carry out their job, we have developed a Pinewood DMS eLearning platform. eLearning will replace our historic Classroom-based sessions, and will become the primary method of training users going forward.”

“There are many benefits with the introduction of our eLearning platform, and amongst other important points, will allow users to follow a structured course at their own pace and at their convenience, all whilst being able to easily track their progress. We currently have 25 courses available across all the fundamental areas of the system, and plan to release a further 25 in the upcoming year.”

Discover more: Pinewood DMS eLearning

Voice assistant comes to the workshop

Pinewood have released an industry-first tool for technicians – the hands-free Voice Assistant in Tech+. The Tech+ app already gives technicians the tools to record detailed checks on vehicles, request parts with built-in menu pricing, together with connecting digitally with their customers using electronic health check videos.

Pinewood realised that using a mobile in the workshop could prove quite difficult for technicians when wearing the necessary PPE. With Artificial Intelligence becoming increasingly popular and valuable for speeding things up, even in the household, with the likes of smart speakers and voice assistants, Pinewood took this and applied it as a free addition to their Tech+ app.

“We want our customers to work as efficiently and comfortably as possible, which is why we created our suite of digital apps, to begin with. With the new Voice Assistant in Tech+, technicians can open jobs, start operations and send conversation notes just by talking to their mobile device. Bluetooth headsets can also be used, they are easy to set up and will be a great addition to the app, ensuring clear communication between the technician and their new assistant. Tech+ users can find a preview of the new feature in their app today and try it out, with new improvements and functionalities appearing in the future.” Explains Neville Briggs, Managing Director at Pinewood Technologies.

The world is becoming more and more digital as time goes on, eVHC has been adopted by a large number of dealerships and is proving hugely beneficial for growing revenue in the workshop.

“The Tech+ app has quite frankly revolutionised what we do. The ability for the technician not just to be able to clock on and off a job, not just to do a visual health check directly on the tablet, but also you get to see the service history of the car, it just enhances the experience for both the technician and the efficiency in the way that we work in the workshop. It’s been a real fundamental improvement that we have been able to drive from Pinewood DMS.” Says Dougal Keith, Managing Director at D.M. Keith Motors.

Why stop there? People are becoming comfortable with voice assistants in their homes with the likes of Siri and Alexa, AI-powered technologies are quickly becoming the norm and Pinewood want to make sure that dealerships don’t lag behind. First online bookings, paperless documents, apps for working on-the-go and now the Tech+ Voice Assistant – just another step into the digital era.

Renault SA OEM Integration

We are delighted to inform our partners that we have developed a process with Renault SA to aid recall campaigns whereby a Recall Campaign file will be received from Renault SA and imported into Pinewood DMS on a monthly basis.

All vehicles with an outstanding Recall due will automatically be identified within our dealerships’ database which will hugely streamline the process of rectifying outstanding faults on those vehicles.

What are the benefits?

  • This is an automated process of identifying vehicles with part recalls.
  • Dealerships will now have the ability to proactively contact clients to bring their vehicles into the workshop to rectify faults.
  • This will assist dealerships in increasing their overall customer satisfaction.

Our Technician app – Tech+

Our Service/Reception app – Host+

New Host+ app will help dealers deliver the ultimate sales and service experience

Pinewood Technologies has launched the latest update for their popular showroom app, Host+, with a new look-and-feel and a number of brand new features to enhance the sales and service experience in dealerships running Pinewood DMS.

Firstly, dealers will notice a refreshed stock search in Host+, giving salespeople immediate access to additional vehicle details and documents, including the full image and video gallery for all stock vehicles. Salespeople can display any relevant vehicles to customers directly from their tablet, reducing the time customers are kept waiting in-store.

“It’s key for dealers to continually make improvements to their processes. The decision to buy a car is influenced by a combination of many factors – retail is detail,” explains Neville Briggs, Managing Director at Pinewood Technologies. “If you’re not meeting customer needs – and doing so quickly – customers will research alternatives online while you make them wait. So the offline sales journey must be seamless and provide a better experience than the customer can attain online or elsewhere. Host+ gives you the tools to manage this.”

Salespeople can instantly upload and view documents against a customer record, initiate a test drive and digitally sign the declaration, uploading this directly to the CRM record.

“By streamlining the processes that take place with the customer present, dealers are more likely to make a better impression. E-signatures for test drives and job cards are a great time-saver, removing the need for paperwork and unnecessary scanning”, says Briggs.

The app now features a bespoke ‘desired vehicle’ configurator, prompting salespeople to gain more detailed customer preferences. Salespeople can then identify relevant vehicles that match these, increasing the chance of making a sale.

The new Host+ app also allows salespeople to action individual and shared appointments on-the-go, ensuring all customers are followed-up as soon as possible to drive lead conversion.

The new and improved Host+ update is available for Pinewood DMS users to download on iOS, Android or Windows tablets.

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