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Integrated VHC

Complete and record your vehicle health check observations directly on the device ready for the customer to review.

Technician Clockings

Sign on to new jobs, complete the work, and then sign off, all from the handheld device you’re recording the completed work from.

Health Check Videos

Explain identified work with a short video clip so your customer can see what the part in question is and why it is of concern.

Conversation Notes

Review and record new notes detailing anything you think would be of use to anyone else dealing with this customer or vehicle.

Improve workshop efficiencies through simpler technician processes

Our mobile workshop app, Tech+, links seamlessly with the workshop management module in the Pinewood Dealer Management System to improve the service and repair experience. Tech+ mobilises workshop technicians, freeing them from the static workstation and opening new channels for better customer communication and the creation of sales opportunities.

Multiplatform App for technicians

Tech+ is available on mobile devices for iOS (iPod/iPhone), Microsoft (Phone) and Android (Phone).

Available across Windows, Android and iOS devices

Technicians can use a cost-effective and robust mobile device to update their progress on repairs, carry out vehicle health checks, and prepare videos to explain any additional work they have identified.

To ensure the technician has the right information, vehicle and customer data is easily accessible, including copies of previous service invoices.

Technicians can prepare vehicle health checks to report urgent and recommended work, adding notes and measurements such as tyre tread depths as necessary.

Technicians can also identify appropriate replacements for worn tyres using an integrated tyre catalogue.

One touch capture of video instantly uploads personalised messages to Azure Media Services to demonstrate and explain any extra work needed.

Workshop technicians can communicate directly with the Service and Parts teams for queries, pricing and customer authorisation, storing the details for reference later.

This all takes place as part of an integrated process –updates to operations and work statuses are visible immediately in the Pinewood DMS Job Progress console, enabling dealerships to act on real-time progress.

With these tools in place, real-time progress can be tracked online by the customer, enabling them to authorise any work required.

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