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Workshop Planner

Manage change

Adjust your plans to changing requirements, allowing you to manage customer problems sooner and complete jobs quicker.

Allocate Specialists

Ensure that skilled technicians aren’t overbooked or misallocated to generalist jobs reducing your ability to complete specialist jobs.

Job / Operation View

Jobs can be viewed at operation level, allowing visibility to redistribute operations to keep completion of the job on target.

Fully Integrated

DMS-driven integrations from allocating through to completion, removing the need for rekeying and data accuracy issues.

Easily plan your Workshop schedule

Workshop Planner allows you to organise your daily operations to technicians on a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day planner, and amend throughout the day to improve your Workshop efficiency. Working with Tech+, the planner is fully integrated throughout your current business processes, specifically designed for you to focus on operations and jobs that require your attention, and on not the management of the tool itself.

Making light work of allocating and managing Workshop jobs...

Based on Start and End times for technicians, the planner displays the available job slots for any given period. Once you have started allocating jobs the ten colour codes will give you an instant view of the status of the job, such as being on hold or overrunning, allowing you to see where your attention is required and manage customer expectations.

Drag, drop, extend...

Range of easy to use gestures available to simplify planning work to a technician. Drag and drop to a technician, extend or reduce the time allocated, move or share to other technicians, and more on the planner. Also drag and drop from the side taskbar to easily place operations.

Drill down

Associated information related to the job, vehicle, customer and more are all available at a single click, allowing you to continue using the planner and not clicking through multiple screens.

1, 2, 3 day view

Single day, 2-day or 3-day planner view allows you to see a longer view of your workshop. This multiview makes planning work in advance easier, reallocation of overrunning jobs on the same screen, and see short-term Workshop availability at a glance.

Workshop Planner in Tech+

Tech+ Integrated

The option of ‘Next Operation’ is displayed on Tech+ allowing the Technician to move through their jobs, based on what is scheduled on the planner. The technician will also be able to see which future operations are associated to this job number.

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