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Graduates Programme Testimonial

Role: Delivery Innovator Agent

What made you apply for the Internship position at Pinewood DMS SA, and what skills or experiences do you hope to gain from it?

  • I applied for the Internship position at Pinewood DMS SA after visiting the website. I read through the Overview page and came across the Graduate Programme information. I immediately applied to the programme as I found great interest in the opportunity outlined.
  • My goal for the year was to implement the knowledge and skill acquired from my qualification as much as I could to the benefit of the company, while simultaneously acquiring new skills based on the operation within Pinewood DMS. In particular, I wished to gain experience in system analysis.

Have you made progress in gaining any of the skills or experiences you originally hoped for?

  • I most definitely have. The experiences that I gained this year ranges between consultancy, problem-solving, branded mailer designs, data conversion, conducting training, and analysis of information. I consider two of the most valuable skills that I obtained from the Graduate Programme to be analysis of information and problem resolution. The ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment and product is a quality that I am proud to say, has been enhanced within me.
  • What’s great about this Graduate Programme is the exposure to more than 1 department. This is ultimately what contributed to the variety of skills and experiences obtained.

Tell us about an assignment or project from start to finish—What went well, and what would you have done differently?

  • Task: 3 Day Dealership Visit
  • I was tasked with visiting a dealership for the duration of 3 days. This task entailed observing how the aftersales departments conduct their day-to-day operations and completing a questionnaire through conversing with the dealership personnel. Prior to my first day I prepared myself by working through the questionnaire for each department and looking through the dealerships aftersales parameters. Upon my visit, I was well prepared to engage in conversation around the questionnaires, which resulted in a very successful conclusion to the questionnaire. I however was not as prepared as I could have been for questions around processing, though I was able to answer most of the questions posed to me. If I were to change anything or do something different around the task, I would do an evaluation on the dealership aftersales modules prior to my visit. I would do this because doing an evaluation before the visit would allow me to identify the areas of concern within the aftersales departments through the various reports. This would have prepared me more to answer some of their questions as I would have had more knowledge on the departments level of processing.

Tell us about a time you had to learn something completely new?

  • One of my tasks entailed learning how to do Parts Reconciliations, which is completely new to me. When I first saw the end result of a Parts Reconciliation, and all the aspects that must be considered, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but as the Reconciliation was explained to me, I started to feel less overwhelmed. I am still in the process of learning to do the Reconciliation, but I found that as I changed my mental approach to the Parts Reconciliation, it became more understandable to me.

Can you tell us about a project or accomplishment you’re proud of, and why?

  • One of the highlights of my internship was being granted the opportunity to conduct a webinar. I am specifically proud of this because I conducted the webinar in the 4th month of my internship. Though challenging, it contributed to my confidence as a Delivery innovator and my knowledge obtained in the first 4 months of my internship.

What are your plans after completing this internship?

  • After completing this internship, if accepted, I will complete the second-year programme.
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Melanie Barnes

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