Housekeeping Tips


  • Remember to run your ASD each day to ensure the auto generated ASD Contact Plan items take effect.
  • Did you know that you have the ability to automatically redistribute a nominal ledger balance from one nominal code to others. This is most applicable when reallocating costs. This can be run multiple times, without duplicating values and users can clear or preserve original nominal balances, as desired.
  • Remember to check your Pinnacle database before adding a new customer. This will help to avoid duplicating customers.
  • Remember to check the Support Section of Pinnacle for Frequently Asked Questions and the latest Release information.
  • Remember to continuously assess and adjust your movement bands to ensure you obtain the most valuable recommended order.The Parts Recommended Order process video is available within the Pinnacle support portal.
  • Remember that Pinnacle is a live system running on the world-wide-web. When you are experiencing any technical errors, clear your cache (cookies and browsing history) and try again. It is likely that these types of issues are browser related.
  • Are you adding Company Registration Numbers to your debtor and creditor accounts? Did you know that adding CRN to the purchase and sales ledger transaction accounts will enable you to view both the aged and spend/purchases reports within Data Point for consolidated figures. This will provide you with a more accurate analysis to the actual spend or purchases that are taking place within your dealership.
  • Did you know, that by rating the service you received on a helpdesk ticket via an email survey sent with the closure of each ticket, you directly have the ability to improve your future Pinnacle experience.
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