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How to boost your dealerships bottom line?

Many popular car brands are experiencing stock level problems due to a global shortage of semiconductors and other supply chain disruptions.

With the inventory shortages, resulting in supply chain disruptions, dealers are being forced to adapt.

Here are our top three ways to work around these disruptions and boost your dealership’s bottom line.

Act on opportunities from data-rich reports

Whether managing one or multiple branches, leaders want visibility. A DMS should show how every branch and team performs, with useful reports to indicate where opportunities lie.

Many of our partners have adapted their processes and found new ways to boost revenue based on the insights in Pinewood DMS. Dealers must identify and respond to market changes that affect margins, efficiency, and ultimately profits.

Many groups have refocused their efforts on used sales to facilitate the rising demand and have encouraged Aftersales teams to upsell work during vehicle health checks.

Embrace digitalisation or get forced into the slow lane

Customers demand flexibility, so dealers should aim to improve their service offering both online and in-store. A digitally-focused DMS will optimise the omnichannel experience – catering to customer expectations of today.

Digitalising traditional dealer processes helps to streamline workflows and boost convenience – positively impacting the bottom line. Most leading systems have digital tools available, from accepting eSignatures and storing documents digitally.

In the workshop, Technicians are encouraged to make use of mobile apps – often faster and more efficient than working from a PC. With Pinewood’s Tech+ app, Technicians can send a VHC video to the customer straight from the ramp, add write-up notes to job cards, and immediately see if a customer approves recommended work. Dealers are boosting productivity and workshop revenue as a direct result.

Don’t complicate it. Choose a DMS which has the tools you need built-in

Switching between multiple systems can be costly, difficult to maintain, and a barrier to productivity. Therefore, its key dealers invest in a DMS that will leverage their business – with the tools they value and rely upon, built-in.

With so many factors influencing the bottom line, businesses need complete visibility and control, to help identify and action profit opportunities. Choosing the right DMS is essential – dealers must be sure they’re equipped with the data and tools they need to succeed.

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