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New Position: IT Project Co-ordinator

Job Title: IT Project Co-ordinator

Department: IT Department

Location: Woodstock, Cape Town

Reporting to: Director


An exciting and challenging opportunity exists for a highly motivated, diligent and enthusiastic person.
This role will involve the co-ordination of the Company’s information technology requirements, the implementation and management of strong project management processes, both internally and with 3rd party providers and driving effective communication with staff, customers and 3rd parties around deadlines and deliverables.

Job Role:

The roles duties/tasks of which would include but not be limited to:

  • Managing 3rd party IT providers
  • Understanding the IT requirements both internally and for our customers, which extend across the all elements of our business. i.e. Data Centre, Internal IT, Pinnacle IT issues
  • Overseeing the technical support tickets that have been logged
  • A proactive approach with customers to ensure our hosted web service (Pinnacle DMS) delivers a consistent customer experience.
  • Management of company IT assets, including ensuring disaster recovery process are in place and tested
  • Implement and execute strong project management processes, not limited to the below:
  • – Agreeing project objectives and timelines

    – Organising the team/ 3rd Party working on the project

    – Ensuring excellent project delivery

    – Using effective systems to track people, tasks and processes

    – Ensuring the allocated persons are accountable (internal, 3rd Party and customer)

  • Maintain technical knowledge; by attending workshops; reviewing publications; benchmarking; and keeping up to speed with movement in technology
  • Work within and produce budget
  • Gain a good understanding of how Pinnacle is technically set-up works i.e. From PC to data centre.

Inherent Requirements of the Job:

  • Must fit the culture and Values of Pinewood SA.
  • Information Technology Degree or equivalent suitable to the role.
  • Exposure to IT related systems and services an advantage.
  • Superior communication skills.
  • Good Organization skills, including attention to detail and multitasking.
  • Strong team player with the ability to collaborate across various functions.
  • Excellent client facing and internal communication skills (both verbal and written).
  • Shows great initiative, and desire for continuous improvement
  • Ability to handle pressure that comes with making deadlines and managing customer expectations.
  • Requirement to travel within Southern Africa (valid Passport required).

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