Outstanding Supplier Order Report

A SUPPLIER ORDER is usually created by using the new/used vehicle SUPPLIER ORDER menu. However, many of these SUPPLIER ORDERS may have been created by means of new/used vehicle configurator customer orders, that were generated against a CRM record. This process allows for a user to create a customer order for a vehicle that is not yet in stock, and in turn, creates the SUPPLIER ORDER for future use. In many cases, a new SUPPLIER ORDER is created when a user is not aware of the existing configurator SUPPLIER ORDER. Therefore, this duplicates and forces the salesperson to capture a customer order against the new stocked SUPPLIER ORDER. The OUTSTANDING SUPPLIER ORDER REPORT allows the dealership to remove that which is no longer valid, and identify which vehicles are still to arrive.

Once the SUPPLIER ORDER is created, an entry is found within the Vehicle Progress report. This can be found within the Vehicles Stock Management menu and allows a user to identify the vehicles that are on SUPPLIER ORDER, in stock and their invoiced status.

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