Pinewood DMS Overview

Every part of your business. All in one place.

Our DMS is split by role-type, collating common tasks together to make your dealership more efficient. With one central database, all information is shared throughout the system. Click below on specific role areas to understand more.


Making the most of your existing data and reutilising it throughout the system to provide you with insight to maximise marketing prospecting and after-sales opportunities


Control bookings, receipts, time management, processing and invoicing within a multi-brand workshop to maximise sales opportunities, utilising video and apps to support streamlined workflows


Flexibility to manage multi-franchise parts processing within a single after-sales department, with inter-group transfers, van runs, parts promotions and customer order management


Providing financial analysis, new and used stock control through to the day-to-day sales and vehicle administration processes from order to deposit


Providing live financial analysis and information, asset management, purchase ordering and more across a complete business structure


Working with most vehicle, bike and truck manufacturers to their latest standards to ensure dealership compliance and reporting completion

The Pinewood DMS Ecosystem

Generate a complete and comprehensive view of your business, with our centrally hosted DMS ecosystem.

Our interconnected module structure provides visibility and access to information across your dealerships operations, preventing the need for double keying or multiple add-on systems. This is a valuable time saving asset for our customers, facilitating increased productivity and reduced inputting time.

Generate extensive reports based on accurate, real-time information, synergising data from across departments.


Key Features - Sales

Key Features - Aftersales

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