BMW Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for BMW

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for Audi dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Parts Franchise File

The manufacturer parts file contains part information (e.g. a part’s number, description etc.). This data will allow dealers to create genuine franchise parts directly from the file and have the ability to run a price update manually.

Parts Price Updates

Ensure that parts prices are updated with the latest prices when available.

Parts Stock Ordering File

Supplier orders for BMW generated within Pinnacle create transmission files, available to be imported directly into the BMW ordering systems, removing the need for manual keying.

Parts Auto Receipts

BMW part orders are automatically downloaded into the Pinnacle system overnight detailing the current days’ parts delivery.

Parts Invoice Verification (PIV)

Simplifies the matching of parts receipts when processing a Purchase Ledger Invoice (Goods Received Not Invoiced).


Electronic parts catalogue.

Parts Monthly Input Report

Monthly report on parts sales.

Vehicle Sales


The BMW VIV integration will allow for the automation of vehicle cost confirmation and purchase VAT invoice production process. The VIV file provides information on the basic cost, total VAT value, individual option values including colour and interior and a VAT posting date.


Holds corporate discount codes.

Chassis Data

Vehicle details will get pulled through when creating a vehicle (e.g. the vehicle’s transmission).


Key Reader

Provides functionality to automatically search for a vehicle, and to upload operation details against a booking / job.

Bespoke Time Analysis Reporting

Report calculations that cover factors such as the technicians’ available hours, overtime, holiday, sickness, training etc.

Service Data

Produces BMW service statistics reports – the report can be compiled to the specific requirements of the dealership.


Pulls through information such as recalls and campaigns on vehicles.



An extract process that will allow dealerships to provide customer data for inclusion in BMW EARN marketing campaigns.


Dealers will create orders through SA3 which then gets relayed to Pinnacle whilst being kept up to date.

BMW Portal

Pinnacle integrates with BMW’s sales lead management system – BMW Portal.


Raw Data Indicator (RDI)

Exports nominal ledger period values – used for reporting by BMW and dealers.

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