DAF Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for DAF

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for DAF dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Automatic Stock Order Submissions

This allows the dealer to send orders directly to DAF for specific items which are not currently held in stock. This includes General Stock Orders, Customer Orders, Recommended Stock Orders and more. This file can then be submitted electronically to DAF.

Automatic Receipts

When an advice note is processed a receipt event will take place for each part line, updating the stock card, stock holding, supplier order and movement report.

Parts Replenishment Programme (MDI)

Manufacturer suggested stock orders are generated by DAF and presented to the user. The orders are calculated using daily part history/movements that have automatically been transmitted to DAF by Pinnacle Parts Franchise File. This file contains all the parts available under the DAF franchise, ensuring parts are correctly setup with the right purchase codes, prices and descriptions.

Parts Price Updates

The Parts update allows any price changes to be imported into Pinnacle removing the need for manual data entry, or tape updates.

Surcharge Reporting

On creation of core parts, Pinnacle will compare the part against a surcharge report and automatically create the corresponding surcharge.


Fleet Sales Reporting

A full sales report can be transmitted directly by Pinnacle to the manufacturer.

Fleet 100+ Discount Matrix & Price Concessions Reporting

Parts sold to Fleet Operators are automatically adjusted to apply the correct discount, with any required reimbursements automatically reported to the manufacturer for payment.

Single point invoicing

Information is automatically supplied to DAF on a nightly basis relating to any parts purchased under a specific Fleet Operators’ contract.

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