Ford Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for Ford

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for Ford dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Parts Stock Order Transmission

Parts stock orders can be transmitted automatically to Ford. Automatic receipting allows parts to be quickly and effortlessly receipted into stock by the advice note number.

O2k Metrics

Pinnacle supports Ford’s 02k Metrics reporting allowing dealers to monitor, market, and control parts trade sales. Details of trade customer’s account details can be easily exported from Pinnacle into 02k.

Ford Fleet Parts Manager

Pinnacle’s Ford Fleet Parts Manager integration simplifies the management of FFPM fleet business, removing the need for re-keying daily sales information. A file can be produced from Pinnacle at the end of each day and uploaded to the FFPM system.


Pinnacle also seamlessly integrates with e-CAT. This allows for searches for parts by vehicle, account and customer within Pinnacle applying the appropriate parts discounts, build and save enquiries within e-CAT and transfer these to a Pinnacle parts enquiry and create workshop menu priced quotes within e-CAT and pass these into Pinnacle as a menu priced quote, automatically carrying parts lists over for pre-picking.

Trade Sales

Ford Blue Oval Club Partners receive special discounts and rebates. This requires the dealer to report accurately on Trade Sales of Ford parts. Pinnacle automatically sends Trade Sales reports to Ford removing the need to manually compile this information.

Parts Inventory

Pinnacle provides data on the status of the parts inventory, including the sales history for each stock item. This data is provided in the form of a number of import files. OCM analyses the inventory data to determine the optimum inventory level for each stock item and produces a recommended order. The order can be accepted or modified. The order is then loaded into Pinnacle to be processed.


Ford Field Service Action

With workshop efficiencies and the pressure to generate increased revenue through the workshop at an all time high Pinnacle now has the ability to check Ford Field Service Action information against a vehicle. This is often only done once the vehicle is undergoing a service. If a recall is required for the vehicle it would then need to be booked in again and parts ordered.

FordEtis (Online Technical Information)

Ford’s online technical Information (FordEtis) integrates into Pinnacle to provide an operational improvement with a view to increasing recall penetration. FordEtis requests will return a message to Pinnacle detailing a Field Service Action number and local language description for the requested vehicle.

Ford React

Pinnacle also has the ability to transmit a number of files required for dealers who are part of the Ford React programme.


Ford Price List

Pinnacle has access to the official Ford Manufacturer Price List that pulls from the Vista system, which is updated with the latest models, colours, accessories and prices on a regular basis.

Order-to-Delivery Status Feed

The order to delivery status feed which details where the vehicle is in the production process. This then automatically creates and updates vehicle supplier orders and related stock cards in Pinnacle.

Ford File Imports

Pinnacle also has the ability to import direct from Ford a file that contains confirmed costs for vehicles that have left the production line. This can be used to confirm costs and post supplier VAT invoices. This routine searches for matching VIN or Order Numbers, to post costs against the correct vehicles. If no matching vehicle can be found an entry is written into the Processing Exception Report.

MPS2 Payment Files

Pinnacle can also interface with the MPS2 bonus payments scheme. On a daily basis Pinnacle will automatically pick up MPS2 payment files and match bonus document numbers to vehicles stock cards. Non vehicle related bonuses such as tactical and margin standard payments can also be picked up from the MPS2 report in Pinnacle and allocated directly into the Pinnacle accounts module, saving dealers time from any manual reconciliation and postings.


Ford One Warranty (OWS)

Pinnacle is now fully integrated with the Ford One Warranty (OWS) system. This allows warranty claims to be created and coded within the Pinnacle DMS application. Pinnacle will automatically populate claim details with job details such as customer details, vehicle details, part lines, technician clocking’s as well as labour and non-labour lines. Once a claim has been produced, Pinnacle will validate every claim sent to Ford against their requirements to help prevent any inaccuracies and provide feedback to the user on any fields that need to be completed. Claims will be transmitted directly to the OWS system and details can be retrieved on the payment status of every claim and also detailed in a report for SBI processing.

Ford GWE

Pinnacle will continue to integrate with the Ford GWE warranty system making the warranty claim process as simple as possible.

Payment Processing SBI

Payment processing can be managed through the Self Billing Invoice (SBI) routine which has been designed to allow easy keying from the printed document.

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