Lexus Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for Mazda

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for Lexus dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Parts Franchise File

Manufacturer part files that contain part information (e.g. part number, purchase codes etc.). Provides the ability to create genuine franchise parts directly from a manufacturer price file.

Parts Price Updates

Ensure that parts prices are updated with the latest prices when available.

Parts Stock Order Transmission

Pinnacle allows parts orders to be transmitted automatically to Lexus, improving efficiency.


Sends part sales to the manufacturer.


CES Transmission

Sends an export of the dealer’s repair order to the manufacturer.


Sales Activity Feed/RIS

Feeds customer information, sales opportunity contacts and VHC outcomes.

Value Chain Reporting

Sends customer and vehicle record amendments.

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