Porsche Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for Porsche

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for Porsche dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Parts Franchise File

The manufacturer parts file contains part information (e.g. a part’s number, description etc.). This data will allow dealers to create genuine franchise parts directly from the file and have the ability to run a price update manually.

Parts Price Updates

Ensure that parts prices are updated with the latest prices when available.

Porsche Stock Order Transmissions

Pinnacle allows parts stock orders to be transmitted automatically to Porsche, improving efficiency and accuracy of the order process as well as reducing dealership workload.

Automatic Stock Replenishment (ASR)

Parts stock replenishment program where automatic receipts of parts orders direct from Porsche systems are transmitted to Pinnacle.


Porsche Menu Pricing

Pinnacle Menu Pricing brings Porsche dealers one of the biggest integration benefits as the menu pricing data immediately refreshes and updates the information currently held within the DMS. Menu pricing becomes an integral part of the service booking operation, speeding up the quotation process by having immediate visibility of parts in stock and linking to the workshop hours available in order to carry out the job.

Porsche After-Sales Reporting

Automated report generated and sent direct to Porsche, detailing all workshop visits for the month.

Job Sync

Job gets sent to the Porsche system where operations can be added/amended and then brought back into the DMS with all the Porsche relevant information.

Labour Operation Codes

Porsche are now providing Operation Code Labour Times from PIWIS, which can be used in Pinnacle to lookup Operation Codes and Times applicable for specific vehicles.

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