Renault Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for Renault

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for Renault dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Renault PGCS warranty process

Warranty claims can be coded, processed and transmitted directly from the DMS to Renault as part of the Pinnacle Workshop invoicing process.

EDR file

Integration into the EDR file automates the transmission to Renault of the daily feed containing workshop invoicing details and warranty claims. Alternatively this can be manually submitted through the warranty screens.

Key reader

Pinnacle DMS provides full Renault Key Reader integration. The Key Reader automatically matches the vehicle to the booking and also imports up to date vehicle information directly into the DMS.

Renault Minute Reporting

Renault parts and labour sales information specifically for the Renault Minute Workshop can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel from Pinnacle for submission to Renault.

Workshop RTE approval process

Pinnacle has a full RTE approval process to aid the approval of jobs coming into the workshop.


Parts Franchise File

Containing all current Renault franchise parts held on file, the parts franchise file integrates fully into Pinnacle which streamlines the process of quotation and invoice creation by pulling in manufacturer part numbers, purchase codes, sales codes, part descriptions, cost and recommended retail prices without the need for manual re-keying.

Parts Price Updates

Including unit of purchase information and family codes for Renault franchise parts, the parts price update routine automatically refreshes the parts franchise file keeping all codes fully up to date.

Renault stock order transmissions

Pinnacle allows parts stock orders to be transmitted automatically to Renault improving efficiency and accuracy of the order process as well as reducing dealership workload.

SAR file

Reporting upon all the parts movements during a given period Pinnacle automatically transmits the monthly SAR file to Renault.


Pinnacle integrates fully with the Dialogys electronic parts catalogue system. Parts enquiries matched to a specific VIN number can be built up within Dialogys and then imported back into Pinnacle, automatically bringing across all the selected parts for that vehicle, removing the need for re-keying. This can be imported into both a Parts invoice and a Workshop job.

Renault Parts integration

For all dealers subscribed to the Renault Parts Trade Partner Program, designated trade customers of choice can view up to date parts stock availability and pricing details through Renault Net and submit orders for these parts. The orders will automatically be transmitted into Pinnacle where they can be rejected or ordered for the trade customer. These trade customers can also track their parts order through Renault Net which is automatically kept up to date through processing the order in Pinnacle.


Vehicle IDS data

Pinnacle integration into the Vehicle Model Price List including up to date model lists, specifications and factory options with relevant pricing and codes. Refreshed automatically upon request, Pinnacle ensures pricing is always accurate and up-to-date.

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