SEAT Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for SEAT

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for SEAT dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Parts Franchise File

Containing all current franchise parts held on file, the Parts Franchise File integrates fully into Pinnacle. Therefore when quotations and invoices are created all parts have the manufacturer part numbers, purchase and sales codes, descriptions, cost and recommended retail prices. This also includes supersession and surcharge information.

Parts Price Updates

Importing changes in pricing and discount codes, Parts Prices and supersessions can be updated through Pinnacle weekly without the need for loading price tapes.

Parts Stock Ordering File

Supplier orders for SEAT generated within Pinnacle create transmission files that can be imported automatically into the SEAT ordering systems, removing the need for manual keying.

Auto Receipts

Daily Parts Delivery Notes are imported automatically into Pinnacle allowing the dealer to automatically receipt parts delivered.


FISH and Service Events

Pinnacle automatically sends FISH transmissions instantly and Service Event transmissions daily.


Pinnacle delivers Workshop job updates into ELSA Pro for efficient job look-up and menu pricing quotation, and also allows operations to be transferred from ELSA Pro back into Pinnacle.


Pinnacle integrates directly into SAGA/2 avoiding the need to re-key warranty claim detail for submission.



Pinnacle automatically creates Vehicle Supplier Orders from SLi complete with Factory Order Status Updates and Consignment Note values. This removes the need for administrators to create factory order and pipeline vehicles on the Pinnacle system manually.


Showroom feed

An automated feed from Pinnacle Prospecting delivering showroom lead information directly to SEAT.


SBI/SWAPFOC Processing

Automated processing of parts invoice and warranty claim payment files reducing the need for manual allocation and reconciliation.

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