Suzuki Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for Suzuki

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for Suzuki dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:


Parts Franchise File

Containing all current Suzuki franchise parts held on file, the parts franchise file integrates fully into Pinnacle which streamlines the process of quotation and invoice creation by pulling in manufacturer part numbers, purchase codes, sales codes, part descriptions, cost and recommended retail prices without the need for manual re-keying.

Parts Price Updates

Automatic parts price updates ensure that parts prices are consistently updated and made available to Suzuki Pinnacle users as soon as the manufacturer releases new information.

Parts Stock Order Transmission

Pinnacle allows parts stock orders to be transmitted automatically to Suzuki improving efficiency and accuracy of the order process as well as reducing dealership workload.


Vehicle IDS data

Pinnacle integration into the Vehicle Model Price List including up to date model lists, specifications and factory options with relevant pricing and codes. Refreshed automatically upon request, Pinnacle ensures pricing is always accurate and up-to-date.


Service Retention

The service retention extract is sent to Suzuki on an on-going basis to review customer retention rates and the revenue generated from the existing Suzuki customer base through the workshop. This interface saves dealers time as Pinnacle can send the information automatically rather than manually extracting the information to send to Suzuki.

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