Vauxhall Integration

Pinnacle DMS interfaces for Vauxhall

DMS integration compliant with dealer standards

This means that Pinnacle provides many ways for Vauxhall dealers to streamline processes and reduce costs, including:

Vauxhall Exchange Hosting

Pinewood will provide and host the Exchange licence required to manage all communications between the DMS and Vauxhall such as SADE transmissions, Parts ordering transmissions, and warranty transmissions.


IVH Recall

When creating a new booking, Pinnacle will immediately check for any outstanding Vauxhall recalls or campaigns open against the vehicle based on an automatic check against the VIN number. On accepting an outstanding recall, an operation line for this work is automatically added to the job. A manual lookup can also be performed at any time within any open booking or job card screen.

GWM Global Warranty

Build up warranty claims within Pinnacle and submit these directly to Vauxhall. Monitor the status of the claims as they are being processed, or make changes and re-submit if necessary. Using Pinnacle alone to create and track all your claims removes the need to copy the job details into another system, speeding up the claim payment back to you. A policy goodwill claim can also be raised and submitted from within Pinnacle.


Open TIS2Web from within Pinnacle Workshop and GWM Warranty and, as the VIN number is automatically passed into TIS2Web, search for the applicable Labour codes and times information. Once you find the information required, send this straight back into Pinnacle for accurate labour times and no re-keying. Dealers can also print applicable service check sheets through this interface.

Menu Pricing

Open Vauxhall Menu Pricing from within Pinnacle Workshop and build up a menu pricing estimate using live Vauxhall data. Once the estimate has been built and accepted, convert this straight into a Pinnacle booking or job card. Pinnacle will detail required parts and availability which can then be electronically transmitted to the parts department for pre-picking.


Workshop SADE data is transmitted across from Pinnacle to Vauxhall on a daily basis.


Parts Franchise File

Containing all current Vauxhall franchise parts held on file, the parts franchise file integrates fully into Pinnacle which streamlines the process of quotation and invoice creation by pulling in manufacturer part numbers, part descriptions, engineering data, supersession data, and pricing without the need for manual re-keying.

EPPP Parts Price Updates

Automatic daily parts price updates ensure that parts prices and supersessions are consistently updated and made available to Vauxhall Pinnacle users as soon as the manufacturer releases new information.

Stock Order Transmissions

Pinnacle integration allows the dealer to download a parts stock order file in an approved format which can then be uploaded directly to Vauxhall for dealers not signed up to the RIMS parts replenishment program.

RIMS Parts Replenishment

For dealers signed up to the Vauxhall RIMS program, a daily file is automatically transmitted to Vauxhall from Pinnacle containing parts stock and movements information. Vauxhall will then calculate and supply a recommended stock order the next day based on the information submitted.

Auto Receipts

Automatic receipt files are collected by Pinnacle on a daily basis containing key information such as surcharge and superseded parts information as well as any cost price changes saving goods inwards valuable time when receipting in parts. These receipts can then automatically update existing orders streamlining the time it takes to fulfil customers parts demands.

Parts Locator

For dealers signed up to the Vauxhall RIMS program, Pinnacle stock is automatically transmitted and published on Channel 21.


Open EPC4 from within Pinnacle from the front or back counter, and build a parts basket whilst EPC4 will display live stock availability and pricing information based on your true stock and discount tables. Transmit all selected parts straight back into Pinnacle and continue processing the enquiry. This streamlined integration with EPC4 removes all need for re-keying between multiple systems to look up parts data.

Trade Club Program

Customers can be flagged as Trade Club customers who will then automatically be offered trade club prices on parts they enquire on. Trade club prices are stored against individual part records and kept up to date automatically through the Pinnacle Parts Price Update routine. Pinnacle also provides a Trade Club Sales Report so that dealers can monitor trade club sales across a desired date range.


Parts SADE data is transmitted across from Pinnacle to Vauxhall on a daily basis.

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