Parts 101

Course Title: Parts 101
Module: Parts

This course focuses specifically on the areas of Pinewood DMS that are most frequently utilised by the Parts team members within a dealership. The course will cover various processing routines and associated reporting within the Parts Module.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:
1. Introduction to the Pinewood DMS Parts Module – An overview of the parts module and its functionality.
2. The Complete Part Record – An explanation of each individual field present on the part record, its associated significance and determining factors.
3. Customer Marketing Record (CRM) – A comprehensive look into a customer record and its associated tabs, along with the importance of capturing customer information.
4. Invoicing, Credits and Workshop Issues – Understanding parts invoicing, parts credit notes and issuing parts onto workshop jobs.
5. Parts Quoting & Retained Enquiries – Understanding the quoting process on Pinewood DMS, how to streamline this process and convert parts quotes into invoices.
6. Explosions Parts & Parts Flagging – Understanding the benefits of explosion parts and how they streamline processes, along with the importance of parts flagging for parts pre-picking.
7. Customer Orders & Deposit Invoices – Understanding the customer order process, including the following up of these and taking deposits.
8. Supplier Maintenance –Creating and maintaining suppliers together with an overview of movement bands.
9. Recommended order – Understanding how to run the recommended order routine and place an order on a supplier
10. Parts Receipting & Returns to Suppliers – Understanding the receipting process and returning parts to suppliers.
11. Parts GRNI Processing – Understanding the GRNI process and the importance of its processing.
12. Stock Take – An overview of the Pinewood DMS stock take process.
13. Sales Discounts – Understanding the sales discount matrix and a look into the different ways sales discounts can be set up and applied.
14. Selections – An overview of how parts selection reports work and an insight into their ability to extracting meaningful user-defined information
15. Reporting – A look into important Parts reports and a summary of the reports available within the parts module.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
1. Understand the process flow of the parts module and its relation to the other modules within Pinewood DMS.
2. Perform basic daily processing required in a Parts Department.
3. Utilise Pinewood DMS as a comprehensive parts stock management and invoicing system.
4. Understand the impact daily activities have on stock movement and reporting.
5. Understand and utilise a number of important parts reports effortlessly.

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