Parts Management Kit

Course Title: Parts Management Kit
Module: Parts

This course focuses on the areas of Pinnacle that are most frequently utilized by the management team members within a dealership. The course will cover (at a high level) various processing routines and associated reporting within the Parts Module.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:
1. Parameter Overview – A detailed explanation of important parameters within the parts module.
2. Importing in Parts – How to effectively use the import functionality, available in certain areas of the Parts module, to streamline processes.
3. Parts Customer Ordering – A review of the parts customer order process and ways to ensure that this is effectively utilised, using conversation notes, and parts pre-picking
4. Parts Stock Take Preparation and Procedure – An in-depth understanding of the stock take process and the important preparation tasks that should be carried out prior to a stock take commencing.
5. Recommended Order & Movement bands – Understanding the recommended order and the movement bands that drive this.
6. Lost Sale Processes and Reporting – A comprehensive insight into the determining factors of lost sales, decline parameters and lost sale reporting within parts.
7. Parts Reporting – Understanding the full reporting suite in Pinnacle and the ability to make informed management decisions and positive process changes based on accurate information.
8. Selections – An overview of how selection reports work and an insight into their ability of extracting meaningful information
9. Open discussion aimed at users raising questions.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
1. Analyse reports more comprehensively and further be able to manipulate reports to extract additional valuable information.
2. Better understand the parameter settings which directly influence Pinnacles comprehensive stock and invoicing system.
3. Understand the determining factors of the recommended order along with its current status and set-up.
4. Build valuable customized selection reports based on desired information.

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