Pinewood DMS Release 19.03


CRM Parameters – SMS Mailshot Parameter

The SMS mailshot access level has been moved within the CRM Enterprise screen.

Customer Creations Report

A new column has been added to the customer creation report extract to show the Master Account Number that the customer record has been linked to.

Multiple Day Booking in Demo Diary

A demo vehicle can now be booked out for multiple days. To enable this functionality the correct setup needs to be done.


Vehicles Stock Card – Photo Count Increase

On the vehicle stock cards, the allowed number of photos has been increased to 40.

Closedown Exception-Report Revamp

When using the Close Down Exception Report, a filter, view and export tab have been added. The user can filter the report by selecting either one or multiple exceptions with or without a Sales Location.


Invoice Value from Dictionary Amendments

An amendment has been made so that the ‘value’ field of the produce invoice screen will now populate automatically when an operation has been created using a dictionary item.

Dictionary Parameters – Free of Charge

Free of charge operations can now be created using a dictionary item that has been set up to be free of charge.


Sales Ledger – Sundry Posting – Invoiced by user

Invoiced field has been added to sundry invoice print out.

VAT Nominal Codes – Mandatory Posting Narratives

A narrative is now mandatory when manually coding to a VAT nominal.

NL – Reporting – VAT Analysis – Reporting – Side Menu Changes

A sub-menu has been added within the Nominal Ledger Reporting for VAT Analysis.

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