Pinewood DMS Release 19.05


Service Details Refresh/ Dates Tab

Updates have been made to the Service History tab along with the removal/reallocation of certain reminder dates.

Third Party Appraisal URL

A button has been added to the CRM Vehicle Appraisal popup that allows users to access their appraisal website.


Reporting > Product Sales > Sales – View or Export report

The View Report and the Export buttons will grey out once the user has clicked on either one of them until the report has been fully displayed or has been exported.


Payment Narrative by Payment Type – Cashier Only

The ability to record a narrative to Cashier Receipts has now been added.

Purchase Ledger VAT suspense Process

When creating a Purchase Ledger Invoice (or credit note), it will be possible to post the VAT to suspense and for the VAT to then be released into the relevant VAT account at the point the payment is made.

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