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Pinewood SA Makes Donation to Child Welfare Society


Today our team went to visit the Cape Town Child Welfare Society.

Cape Town Child Welfare began in 1908 as a child protection agency, gradually widening its reach to include community development programmes and improving the living conditions in which children find themselves.

Pinewood SA shares their vision to promote the well-being of all children, especially those in poor socio-economic communities.

For this reason we decided to make a donation to this non-profit organisation, to assist them with their daily tasks.

A cheque was handed over to Penny Whitaker, Social Work Manager of the organisation:

“A HUGE THANK YOU to the staff at Pinewood Technologies and the ladies taking time out to come to our office today.  It was great being to be present where we were able to share with you what our organization does and what some of our needs are.  Then what a surprise to be presented with a cheque of R 25 000.00 very unexpectedly.  This donation has already lifted the spirits and will go a long way in addressing some of the needs as shared. Thank you.

Once again thank you for opening your hearts and making a huge difference. ”

We hope that those reading this article will reach out to the Cape Town Child Welfare Society and make a donation of baby products, blankets or anything that they may need to keep the children of Cape Town safe.

Cape Town Child Welfare Society:

Website: www.helpkids.org.za

Email: information@helpkids.org.za

Contact Number: 021 638 3127

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