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Pinnacle Implementation and Training Team

Meet the Implementation and Training Team – (from left to right)
Brian Tait – Operations Director and has driven from England to China along the Silk Road and has traveled to 61 countries.
Adél van der Spek – Accounts Specialist and is a camping and outdoors enthusiast!
Benjamin Gass – IT Integration Specialist and has a 200 ton offshore captains license and SCUBA Dive Master certification.
James Louw – Training Manager is a Violinist and can also play double bass and is part of a revival band (covering sixties and relevant ‘sway’ & ‘big band’ type songs.)
Ross Foreman – Aftersales Specialist and is an adrenalin junkie and raced in National Motocross Competitions and GTi Challenges before he was old enough to have a driver’s licence.
Dalene Britz – Accounts Specialist and enjoys creative arts with the preferred medium being various metals applied in various methods
Xander Barnard – Special Projects Consultant and is a “Happy Hiker” and takes every opportunity to get outdoors with only his backpack and what he can carry.

What is the purpose of the Implementation and Training team?

–  Meet customer expectations
–  Implement the ‘best fit’ setup for the customer
–  Hand over a site to Support team that has been appropriately implemented
–  From an IT perspective – make sure that a site is operational on time.
–  Transparency with the customer about the impact of their setup decisions

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