Pinnacle Release 18.16


Customer deduplication matching (Lead API & edition)

A change has been made to prevent blank fields from being considered as duplicates regarding lead
within CRM.

Upon a lead generating to the CRM data base, the overnight deduplication routine will not consider a
record with blank fields as a duplicate.

Lead API – Sales opportunity creation based on contact reason

A change has been made to the Lead API so that sales opportunities are only created if the contact
reason is set to do so. Prior to this change a Sales Opportunity would always be created.

The Lead API will only generate a sales opportunity if the contact reason is set to create a sales
opportunity. If this is not set to do so, a sales opportunity won’t be created.


Sales Ledger – Sundry posting refresh

A slight change has been made to the sales ledger sundry posting screen whereby the posting layout
looks similar to the new purchase ledger post invoice screen.

Sales Ledger – Allocate cash WHT

A change has been made to allow a user to create a withholding tax transactions via the allocate cash
function within the sales ledger.

Sales Ledger – Account currency

Sundry invoices and credit notes as well as sales ledger statements generated will now include the
currency of which the account has been set to.

Fixed Assets – Daily depreciation

Fixed assets depreciation now calculates depreciation on the number of days basis. Depreciation
remains posted on a period basis. It can also be calculated based on the number of days in the period
being depreciated. The method to calculate depreciation value can be defaulted from period to daily.


Vehicle stock export – Days in location column

A column has been added to the datapoint stock list report labelled ‘days in location’.

The days in location column will display the number of days that has been set against the vehicle in a
specific location not been changed.


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