Pinnacle Release 19.01


Reallocation of Datapoint reporting

Three of the datapoint reports found in the datapoint area of the vehicle module, will now be available in CRM.

Sales Opportunity View Level

A new parameter has been added to govern the level at which sales opportunities can be viewed across the company structure.

Vehicle Orders / Invoices – HTML Email Templates

Email Templates can now be set-up and used for vehicle orders and invoices.


Finance debtor reporting

A change has been made to the way in which the vehicle debtors can be seen. This change allows the debtor report to be filtered by financed or non-financed debt. The report now also allows finance amounts to be reported on separately and the debtors on the stock card to appear separately for each affected vehicle.

Stock List Export – Stocktake User

Two new columns have been added to the stock list export report.


Sales Ledger – Changing customer details on a cash account

The system now allows for a customer’s details to be selected and changed when generating a sundry invoice within sales ledger.

Sales Ledger – Enquiry print update

The print option in the sales ledger enquiry screen has been updated to observe the same filters and results as the on-screen report.

Purchase Ledger – Deferred cost narrative summary

The deferred costs process in purchase ledger’s post invoice screen will now write a narrative summarising the deferrals.

Purchase Ledger – Streamlining vehicle GRNI

The process has been further streamlined by removing the need for a user to re-confirm the processing of automatically selected GRNI entries.

Nominal Ledger – Contra journal refresh

The contra journal screen has been refreshed to improve the user interface and provide a platform that can be more easily maintained.

Nominal Ledger – Withholding tax reporting

A new option has been added to allow for sales ledger invoices where withholding tax has been recorder to be exported.

Fixed assets – Depreciation adjustment on disposal

When disposing an asset with a template set to use the daily method, the depreciation will be calculated from the last depreciation date up to the date of disposing the asset.


VHC authorisation for internal work

The sales team will now be able to view and authorise work identified during a health check on a stock vehicle.


Stock+ app

The stock+ is a new stock management app – an effective tool for sales executives to manage vehicle inventory. Read more.

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